What is Rarenet?

In 2013, the Digital Defenders Partnership (DDP) started to bring different actors that were active in digital emergency response in contact with internet users under attack. The initiative came from a Rapid Response meeting in The Hague (The Netherlands) where its participants established and joined the Rarenet network.

Rarenet (Rapid Response Network) is an active network of organisations and individuals that are working on emergency response to digital threats. It is composed by rapid responders, technical experts, security trainers who are connected to civil society, activists and journalists on the ground.

The actors involved in Rarenet share knowledge about digital emergencies for a better understanding of the threats faced by activists and in order to improve collaboration with other response and emergency actors.


Regional Rapid Response Networks

Rarenet works in collaboration and overlaps with various Regional Rapid Response Networks   supported by the Digital Defenders Partnership. Those are networks of rapid responders coordinated by one partner organisation. Regional Rapid Response Networks support trainers, digital security experts and holistic facilitators at a more regional and community based level.



The aim of Rarenet  and the Regional Rapid Response Networks is to narrow the gap and increase cooperation between civil society and activists on the one hand and organisations or individuals working on digital security on the other hand. Rarenet aims to:

  • Build trust
  • Improve knowledge sharing between rapid responders
  • Increase coordination on emergency response to digital attacks
  • Enable support and solidarity among individual members and organisations

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